Q & A

Q & A:
DO YOU PROVIDE FOOD AND ALCOHOL? - We do not. We provide an ice filled Yeti cooler (to keep your drinks ice cold), cups and bottled water. For food and alcohol, feel free to bring your own. You may also order something from one of the numerous establishments at Bayside Market Place.

DO I NEED I.D. TO DRINK? Yes, we do card everyone that is drinking. So make sure you have a valid ID! IS THE CAPTAIN OUR BARTENDER?-No, you will be serving yourself. 

WHAT ABOUT COVID?- Our tikis seat only six VIP guests which makes us very Covid compliant. They are also sanitized after every cruise. 

ARE THERE AVAILABLE LIFE JACKETS ON BOARD?-Yes, there is a type 1 PFD for every passenger. Along with all the coast guard requirements for the vessel including a first aid kit.
CAN MORE THAN 6 PEOPLE CRUISE AT THE SAME TIME?- The US Coast Guard regulations for our tiki boats is 6 people plus crew. This includes children. NO EXCEPTIONS. For larger groups, you may rent additional tikis and cruise together.
DROP OFF AND PICKUP LOCATIONS? -Drop off and pick up is dockside at Bayfront Park. 301 North Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132.
HOW EARLY SHOULD WE ARRIVE?- At least 15 minutes before your trip.

DO YOU PROVIDE PARKING? -We do not and parking might be difficult to find by the dock. We recommend parking in the Bayside Market Place garage. Give yourself a couple extra minutes to walk to the dock. We are located behind the SkyWheel. Lyft and Uber are also great choices. 

ARE CHILDREN ALLOWED?-Yes! Children are allowed. We don't want them to miss out crusin' on the tiki boat. Children age 6 and under are required to wear a USCG approved lifejacket which we have on board or you can bring your own. Please let us know if you plan to bring children under 7 yrs old so that we can make the appropriate accommodations for life jackets. USCG only allows 6 passengers per boat... children are considered a person regardless of their age. This rule is not negotiable, sorry! We also recommend when bringing children on board to reserve a private charter... if small children become fussy it may ruin other passenger's experience.

CAN WE SMOKE/VAPE ON THE TIKI?-Smoking and Vaping are not allowed per Coast Guard Regulations.
HOW FAST DOES THE TIKI BOAT GO?-The tiki boat has a cruising speed at around 4 to 6 mph.
WHAT ARE YOUR CANCELLATION AND INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICIES?- A minimum of 48 hours prior to your cruise is required for all cancelations, if less than 48 hours notice is given, you will receive a gift certificate for a future cruise. We reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time due to weather, safety, mechanical or behavioral issues. If your tour is canceled due to weather, you will be given a rain check to re-book at another time (this excludes behavioral, along with alcohol related cancellations - these circumstances will never be rescheduled or refunded). For weather related issues, we may "wait out" a brief shower, reschedule for another day during your stay, or refund if unable to reschedule. "NO SHOWS" will NEVER be refunded or rescheduled!
DO YOUR BOATS OPERATE IN THE RAIN?-We do operate in the rain as the tiki boats have a roof. However, the captain can decide at anytime to cancel due to conditions (typically high winds or thunder storms). We operate under USCG's rules. The USCG does not advise going out if wind speeds exceed 20 knots.
WHO IS MY CAPTAIN?-All of our Captains have been vetted and trained thru the U.S Coast Guard requirements. All captains have their Captains License and have been chosen based on their experience with boating and knowledge of the area. They will comply with all safety regulations and rules of the water.
SHOULD I TIP MY CAPTAIN?-  Yes please!  Our Captains are the best in the business. Keeping you safe and making sure you have the best time is very important to them. Please complement them with a tip. 
HOW LONG IS THE TOUR?-  60-120 Minutes depending on the tour chosen.
WHAT CAN THE TIKI BOAT BE USED FOR?-Besides relaxing with a cold drink we can pretty much book anything you can imagine. From bachelorette and bachelor party’s, corporate meetings, birthday party’s, weddings... you name it and we will try to make it work. Give us a call for special requests or large group (over 6 persons) reservations.
CAN I PLAY MY OWN MUSIC ON BOARD?-Yes, we have Bluetooth-capable, 6 speakers with sub-woofer that can sync to your phone and choice of music.
WHAT ABOUT RESTROOMS?-Our tikis are NOT equipped with restrooms. We strongly encourage you to use the restroom before leaving the dock. So please do NOT drink more than you are able to "hold" while on your tour.
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